BMW 5 series E39

Since 1996-2001 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Introduction
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
- Coupling and power shafts
   - Coupling
      Removal, installation and coupling check
      Removal of air from a coupling hydrodrive
      Removal and installation of the mechanism of deenergizing of coupling
      Removal and installation of the working cylinder of coupling
   + Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Removal of air from a coupling hydrodrive

It is necessary to remove air if the coupling pedal does not come back or comes back in a starting position slowly from hydrosystem of a drive of coupling, transfer unhooking occurs unsatisfactorily or if the hydrosystem was opened.

As the coupling hydrosystem works on a brake liquid, it is necessary to observe the corresponding requirements resulted in the Head Brake system.

At the process of removal of air described here without application of the special device in system there can be air quantity. A sign of it is presence of characteristic noise and unsatisfactory unhooking of transfers. In this case it is necessary to remove air from system on HUNDRED with application of the special device.


1. Remove the bottom guard of an impellent compartment, address to Section Removal and installation of the bottom guard of an impellent compartment.
2. Check up level of a brake liquid in the tank. If necessary add a liquid before marks Max, address to Section Check of levels of liquids.

3. Remove a cap from the union of prorolling of air (the marksman on an accompanying illustration) on the working cylinder. Put on a transparent hose the union.

4. Cautiously release the approach to the union. For отворачивания the union it is required накидной a key not to damage шестигранник.
5. Lower the free end of a hose in capacity with a brake liquid to exclude подсасывание air.
6. Ask the assistant to press a pedal of coupling about 10 times against the stop and to leave its pressed.
7. In this position open the union (3). The brake liquid will start to follow. When the following liquid will cease to contain air vials, wrap the union.

Level of a brake liquid in the tank should not go down too strongly. For this purpose add a liquid.

8. Release a coupling pedal. Again about 10 times press a pedal and leave it in such position. This process repeat so much time, how many it is necessary that air did not leave any more. Thus constantly add in system a new liquid.
9. Wrap the union on the working cylinder. Remove a hose and put on a cap.
10. Lower the car on wheels.
11. Fill in in system a brake liquid to mark Max.
12. Check up work of brake system and coupling.

Removal of air by means of the special device

In repair trucks air from coupling hydrosystem leaves, as a rule, by means of the special device. The device creates superfluous pressure of a liquid in system.


1. Turn away fastening bolts on the tank of a brake liquid. Take out the tank.
2. Attach the device for air removal according to the instruction.
3. Put on the union of removal of air a hose. The hose end lower in capacity.
4. Open the union and hold it in such position, air vials will not cease to be allocated yet. The union close.
5. Remove the device.
6. Slowly about 10 times press a coupling pedal against the stop and again release it.
7. Remove the working cylinder from a check point. A hydrowire do not disconnect, address to Section Removal and installation of the working cylinder of coupling.

8. Open the union of prorolling of air. Press against the stop on a rod (1) working cylinders so that air vials any more were not allocated. Thus the union should look upward. Close the union and allow to a rod to come back slowly back. Address to an accompanying illustration.

It is impossible to press a coupling pedal at the removed working cylinder.

9. Establish into place the tank of a brake liquid. Fill in a liquid to mark Max. Close the tank a stopper.
10. Establish a box of the filter of pure air.