BMW 5 series E39

Since 1996-2001 of release

Repair and car operation

+ Introduction
- The maintenance instruction
   Controls, devices and control lamps
   Zapornye devices and the anticreeping alarm system
   The salon equipment
   Safety systems
   Fuel refuelling, start and engine stop
   Lay brake
   Manual box of a gear change (РКПП)
   Automatic transmission (АТ) *
   The alarm system of emergency rapprochement at a parking (PDC) *
   System of automatic stabilisation of stability with a regulator of traction effort (ASC+T)
   Electronic adjustment of rigidity of amortisation (EDC) * and adjustment of a road gleam
   Heating and ventilation system
   Automatic кондиционер*
   Independent systems of heating and ventilation
   System самодиагностики*
   The travelling computer
   The Katalitichesky converter
   Antiblocking system of brakes (ABS)
   Movement with the trailer
   Luggage carrier on a roof
   Automobile телефон*
   Radio reception
   Readjustment of headlights
   Automobile radio receiver
   Audiosystem of type Hi-Fi with DSP*
   Sign emergency остановки*
+ Current leaving and service
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Electric equipment schemes
+ System of onboard diagnostics

Safety systems

Seat belts

To be fastened by seat belts it is necessary before each trip.

Пристегивание: during the moment пристегивания the belt lock should be locked with heard click.

Отстегивание: having pressed the red button, liberate a fastener from the lock and hold a belt tape, directing it to involving device.

Adjustment of the top point of fastening of a belt on growth of the sitting occurs automatically in the course of longitudinal adjustment of a seat.

The seat belt is blocked at:
- вытягивании tapes jerky
- Sharp braking or acceleration
- Passage of turns
- Strong list of the car

Натяжитель a belt

Натяжитель a belt provides much best прилегание a belt to a body of the person during collision and allows to keep reliably it on a seat. For fractions of a second the lock of a belt under the influence of pressure of gas moves back, simultaneously pulling diagonal and zone belts. Thereby reliable protection from проскальзывания the person under a zone belt is provided.

For the sake of your safety the request to observe resulted below instructions on using a belt, differently it cannot execute the protective function completely. The request to inform all your companions on necessity of observance of instructions for use seat belts.

By one seat belt only one person always should be fastened. During movement of the car of chest and juvenile children it is impossible to hold in a lap at adult passengers.

The belt tape should be hardly tense and without перекручивания to adjoin to a breast and a belt, and under it in clothes pockets there should not be firm or fragile subjects. The belt should not cover a neck. Its jamming or a friction about keen edges is inadmissible.

The belt should adjoin to a body densely whenever possible; therefore the clothes should not be muffling up. Tighten a belt in a shoulder zone is more often. Otherwise at head-on collisions leaky adjoining zone belt can slide off on hips upwards and injure the bottom part of a stomach. Because of the increased backlash between a belt and a body the keeping effect of a belt is realised with delay.

By seat belts pregnant women always should be fastened, watching thus, in particular, behind that the zone strap covered hips from below and did not press on a stomach.

Do not bring changes in system of seat belts.

Safe transportation детей*

For children about 12 years are elderly and less than 150 sm should be used by growth the special resolved systems for safe transportation.

Chest children till 9 months can be carried in the cradles established on a back seat against a course of movement and fixed by serial seat belts.

For each age group STOA BMW will offer corresponding systems for safe transportation of children.

Is inadmissible to establish systems for safe transportation of children on a forward passenger seat, differently at operation of an inflatable pillow of safety reception of traumas is possible.

Is inadmissible to make changes to a design of systems for transportation of children, differently they cannot execute the protective function completely.

The built in nurseries сиденья*

These two children's seats built in a back seat and corresponding to legislative requirements, developed on the basis of EU R-44 instruction, intend for children from 3 till 12 years (from 15 to 38 kg).

For children from 9 months till 3.5 years (from 9 to 18 kg) these seats should be used in a combination to a special back and травмозащитным a table which can be got on СТОА BMW.

Seat promotion
Undertake a forward part of a back seat and pull it upwards and hardly back, as shown an arrow.

Seat lowering
Undertaken a loop, pull forward and downwards, as shown an arrow.

Observe instructions on using the seat belts, resulted above, differently they cannot execute the protective function.

Inflatable pillows of safety (НПБ)

1 — forward pillows of safety for the driver and the passenger
2 — lateral pillows безопасности*

Protective action

Lobbies НПБ protect the driver and the forward passenger at a head-on collision when protective action of one only seat belts appears insufficient. Lateral НПБ provide protection at lateral blows.

In case of failure works only НПБ, located on the party in which it is necessary blow.

On an illustration directions of blows to which react НПБ are shown. Lateral protection is provided only at a car complete set with lateral pillows of safety.

Inertial gauges constantly supervise forces of acceleration operating on the car. If as a result of collision on the driver and the passenger such force of acceleration at which one only seat belts cannot provide sufficient protection any more in parallel with each other work газогенераторы inflatable to a pillow of safety for the driver and the forward passenger operates. However НПБ for the forward passenger it is put in action only in the event that the gauge established in a seat, distinguishes that on it really someone sits.

In case of lateral collision if necessary works lateral НПБ on that party in which blow has had.

НПБ which are located under safety facings of a steering wheel, the forward panel and under lateral facings of forward doors, are developed, for some milliseconds being filled with gas. Thus they break off safety facing in in advance certain places.

Fast deployment which is necessary for normal functioning НПБ, is accompanied запальным by a clap and noise from надувания which, however, against failure simply are not perceived. The gas necessary for надувания НПБ, does not represent any danger and after a while disappears together with the formed smoke.

All process develops during the one twentieth fraction of a second.

Control lamp НПБ

The lamp on an instrument guard signals about readiness of system for work already after ignition key turn in position 1.

The system is ready to work:
The control lamp lights up for some time then dies away.

The system is faulty:
The control lamp does not light up.
Control lamp, having lighted up for a short while, dies away and again lights up.

In case of malfunction of system there is a danger of that at collision with an obstacle it will not work, even if failure will appear enough heavy.
The request immediately to address on СТОА BMW for system check.

The control lamp of inflatable pillows of safety burns also at operation натяжителя a belt.

For the sake of your safety the request to observe resulted below instructions concerning safety pillows, differently they cannot execute the protective function completely. The request to inform all your companions on necessity of observance of the instructions, concerning inflatable pillows of safety.

Presence of inflatable pillows does not release from necessity пристегивания a belt as НПБ represent only one of safety means. At insignificant failures, overturning of the car and at blow in a back part and if the car is not equipped lateral НПБ and at blows in lateral parts you are protected only by a seat belt.

Settle down on a seat as to you it is more convenient, but thus as it is possible further from a steering wheel, the forward panel or a door.

Steering wheel always hold for a rim. Non-observance of this rule can lead to traumas of brushes or forearms. Between a pillow of safety and the person protected by it there should not be extraneous subjects. Facing НПБ for the forward passenger cannot be used in quality of a shelf for small things.

Safety facing of a steering wheel, the forward panel and lateral upholstery of doors cannot be pasted over, fitted anything or somehow to alter.

Is inadmissible to strengthen systems for safe transportation of children on a forward passenger seat. Transportation of children is younger than 12 years follows only on a back seat.

Even at observance of all instructions under certain circumstances reception of traumas of the person caused by operation of inflatable pillows of safety is not excluded. запальный the clap and noise in process надувания pillows can cause short-term decrease in hearing in sensitive passengers.

Lock-out of children in the car

Having inserted a key into a cut in a back door, turn it outside.

Now to open a door from salon it will be impossible.